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What The Heck Is A 'Green Roof?'

It looks like an open-air rooftop greenhouse. Or perhaps a manicured mini park in the sky. Green roofs – these secret islands of bucolic beauty that are rarely seen and never heard on the ground – are quietly moving in, blanketing buildings across the country in muted greens and pinks. They're taking over the ...

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Could 'ugly' fruit and vegetables help solve world hunger?

About a third of all the food we produce each year is wasted - and more fruit and veg is thrown away than any other food group.Our obsession with 'perfectly' sized produce is, according to many, one of the primary causes of this staggering level of waste.Could 'ugly' fruit and veg help ensure everyone has enough to ...

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Go Ahead apoia a Campanha Segunda Sem Carne

A Campanha Segunda Sem Carne se propõe a conscientizar as pessoas sobre os impactos que o uso de carne para alimentação tem sobre o meio ambiente, a saúde humana e os animais, convidando-as a tirar a carne do prato pelo menos uma vez por semana e a descobrir novos sabores.Existente em vários outros países, como ...

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