Dave Grohl has the best response to the 1000 Italian fans who played

The rocker made a video. In italian.


Rocker Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighter loved the video that 1000 of his Italian fans made playing Learn to Fly.


Video: http://youtu.be/JozAmXo2bDE

The fans from the group 'Rockin' 100o' made the video to convince the Foo Fighters to do a concert in Cesena, Italy.

In a response video posted on the Foo Fighters Facebook page, Grohl spoke in Italian, saying, according to a rough translation by a Facebook commenter: 'Hi, Cesena! I am Dadid, hello. I`m sorry I don`t speak Italian. Only a little, a little. That video - but how beautiful! Very beautiful. Thank you very much [literally: a thousand thanks]. We are arriving [coming], I promise. We`ll see each other soon. Thank you very much. I love you. Bye.'

The event was organized by Foo Fighter fan Fabio Zaffagnini.

Source: http://time.com/3981159/dave-grohl-foo-fighters-italy/