PANCAKES by Teacher Jane

Every year, the English celebrate Pancake Day. This year held on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent (the 40 days before Easter). This year, Pancake Day was on 5th February. Pancakes are traditionally eaten on Pancake Day. However, you can eat them any time during the year, and they are perfect for a late breakfast, or an afternoon snack.

To make your own pancakes, you`ll need a bowl for mixing the ingredients, a wooden spoon, a container for pouring the pancake mixture, a frying pan and a plate.

Here is our recipe for pancakes.


1 cup all-purpose of flour
1 egg
1 cup of milk
a pinch of salt
1 spoon of butter


Mix the flour and the salt in the bowl.

Add the egg and half the milk, and when it`s all well mixed, add the rest of the milk. Leave the mixture to stand for about 20 minutes. Heat up a little butter in the frying pan. Then, add enough mixture to cover the bottom of the pan. Turn the pancake over once then remove. Put the pancake on a plate and make another one. Traditionally the pancake is filled or covered with lemon and sugar, but they can also be served with cheese, ham, jam, chocolate or any mixture of those things. 


Photo: hedvigs (CC BY 2.0)