Gyrotonic®, the art of exercising and beyond

The fitness market is always innovating and offering new types of exercises to attract the public. In the past 10 years, some of them have called a lot of attention by the use of equipment and sophisticated exercises, as the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM, body movements which work both mind and body at the same time.

The classes are done with equipment especially developed by the creator of the method, Juliu Horvath. They are individual or i a small groups, fit for athletes, dancers, professionals of movement, who look to improve their ability and performance, and common people, various ages, who want physical and mental health, body shaping and well-being.

GYROTONIC® means GYRO = tum/spin and TONIC = tone up. GYROTONIC® uses circular and spiral movements, like waves. These movements strengthen the body from the inside out, fleeing from the basic pattern of the known movements. Based on yoga, tai-chi-chuan, swimming and ballet, consists of flowing and rhythmic exercises together with breathing, respecting the tridimensional body, and developing strength and flexibility simultaneously. GYROTONIC® is not only good for the joints and muscles but also for the internal organs.

Juliu created GYROTONIC® in the 70's. Today, at 73 years old, the Romanian dancer gives courses throughout the world. Brazil is a reference in the method, thanks to the master Rita Renha from Rio, who introduced GYROTONIC® in the country and founded GYROTONIC INSTITUTE BRAZIL, an educational center for the training of new professionals and up-dating. Rita defends that the best thing about GYROTONIC® is that combine art, science, therapy and functional training.

The continued exercise practice besides shaping the body, strengthens the immunological system, combats stress, and it is great in preventing and rehabilitating problems of th spine. It works on the famous CORE, seeking the dynamic stabilization of the trunk and balance of the bone structure and increasing joint mobility, physical resistance and breathing capacity.

GYROTONIC® gives a unique sensation, a workout and relaxation at the same time, with the feeling that your body is a complete yawn! The machines, composed of cables, ball bearings and weights, connected to a wooden structure, allowing many movements.

Come and experiment GYROTONIC® and see that from your body intelligence how you can do whatever your heart desires!

By Manuela Coimbra Pinto and Debra Godoy 

Photo: Manuela Coimbra