Teaching: a never-ending learning process

It is widely acknowledged that the work of a teacher goes much beyond the classroom settings. There are several pre-instructional decisions to be made, which embody, for starters, getting fully acquainted with the learners’ needs as well as with their learning styles. Such aspects, in turn, lead to the choice of the most suitable pedagogical methods and classroom techniques.

Bluntly put, there is no such thing as “the best method”. Conversely, teachers can pin down what the best features of each method are. Comparing (and analyzing) teaching methods is the obvious starting point to decide on more effective types of language instruction. Living an “EFL reality” (EFL – English as a Foreign Language) requires teachers to be more creative and resourceful in order to make better informed decisions and choices. After all, we have no control over the amount of English our learners are in touch with out of the classes – that is why we must cherish each and every instructional moment with them.

Bearing all these points in mind and having our students as the center of everything that we, as teachers, do, Go Ahead promotes regular Workshops and Refreshment Courses to its teaching staff, dedicating some extra attention to our full-time teachers. In these meetings, not only do we assess the predominantly adopted methodologies, but also analyze what the latest research and studies have to offer. Equally important, we exchange our classroom experiences, examine materials, and find out new ways to turn our practices into more engaging, and why not, fun teacher-student(s) moments!