Benefits of drinking one gallon of water per day

You`ve probably heard about people drinking a gallon of water per day, but it sounded too strange to actually try. It is A LOT of water, but after a few days adjusting to the amount and easing yourself into it, you`ll feel great! You`ll also begin experiencing many of the benefits of drinking more water, like these:


1. Prevents overeating


The more water you drink, the fuller your body is. Which means there`s less room for food! You won`t overeat at meals or snack too much during the day when you`re drinking one gallon of water per day!


2. Improves skin


Wrinkles, dull skin, acne... all of your worst fears, right? Luckily, drinking a gallon of water a day can really help improve your skin. Your blemishes will smooth out and your skin will take on a healthy glow - it`s truly amazing! You`ll look like you`ve just returned from a seaside vacation every day! Plus, drinking one gallon of water per day!


3. Flushes out toxins


Let`s get personal: water helps a lot in the bathroom department. It makes easier to go, improves your colon functioning, causes more urination (kind of obvious), and prevents constipation. That means that the toxins don`t get built up and stuck in your body. Your body needs water to function properly. Wiyhout a healthy amount of it, toxins linger in your body longer and a healthy lifestyle and appearance are much more difficult.


4. Burns calories


Wait - burns calories? Where do I sign up? I knew this one would catch your attention! When you drink ice water, your body has to work to warm it up, and that work burns calories! So fill up that jug of water and throw in a few ice cubes and you'll start burning extra calories without even trying.


5. Boost your metabolism

You really NEED water! When you drink more than bare minimum to survive, you boost your metabolism. According to, 'Drinking 500 ml of water increased metabolic rate by 30%' within 10 minutes. Obviously, you`ll be drinking much more than 500 ml (about 2 cups) of water a day, so your body will get a continuous metabolism boost! Having a faster metabolism will mean that your body burns through food more quickly and you won`t gain as much weight.


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Photo: Konstantin Stepanov (C.C BY 2.0)